An opportunity

to give back. 

About Us

As a growing number of Americans lack dental insurance or the means to attain it, Stars, Stripes & Smiles provides an opportunity to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. 

Stars, Stripes & Smiles is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing free dental care to veterans. The event is held annually on the second Friday in May at Hires Dental Care in Toledo, Ohio and at Drs. Phipps, Levin, Hebeka & Associates in Bowling Green . ​

In 2017, our volunteers provided over $36,000 in free dental care to 180 veterans! And since its founding in 2010, Stars, Stripes & Smiles has provided over $191,000 in free dental treatment to 1,050 veterans. 

“There is a need in this country to improve and expand dental care for our veterans. Many of these men and women fall outside the VA’s strict criteria for dental care. Stars, Stripes & Smiles is a way for our volunteers to give back and show appreciation to those veterans who have protected us and our country. But this is just one day - it's not a solution for long-term dental health. A change must be made to ensure our veterans have affordable access to quality health and dental care, because that is what they deserve. "                             - Dr. Hires (Navy veteran)